“New Boating Podcast Launches to Help New & Used Boat, Pontoon & Center Console Shoppers with Expert & Unbiased Advice”

A new podcast has just launched on Apple Podcasts, SoundClould, Spotify and other platforms to support the million plus pleasure boat buyers in the US and Canada each year. 

The podcast launched with over a half dozen informational episodes for first time boat buyers, used boat buyers, pontoon and tri-toon boat buyers and those considering trading their current boat.  Additional episodes will be released bi-monthly.

The podcast is an extension of the popular Boat Buyer’s Secret Weapon website & YouTube Channel.  With topics ranging from first time boat buyer advice, how to inspect a used pontoon or center console to how to get the best boat loan or cheapest boat insurance with excellent coverage, there is something for anyone searching for a new or used boat for sale.

New Podcast Invites Those Considering Buying a Boat to Join the Conversation by Becoming a Guest on the Podcast.

The host of Boat Buyer’s Secret Weapon Podcast, Capt. Matt started boating as a young kid and has been an insider in the boating industry.  His experience in hundreds of boat transactions, working with dealers, brokers, OEM’s, lenders, insurance companies across the world gives a unique perspective to offer his guests.

Those interested in being a guest to receive first hand advice are asked to visit www.BoatBuyersSecretWeapon.com/Guest to sign-up to be considered to guest on the podcast.

About the Boat Buyer’s Secret Weapon and Captain Matt: 

Captain Matt has been a boater and insider in the boating industry for over four decades.  He decided to share his unbiased information to help the average boat buyer avoid the mistakes many make because he knows the impact buying the right boat at a great price can have on a family.




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Capt. Matt

Capt. Matt has been a boater since the age of 5 and has been an insider in the boating industry for over a decade. After helping thousands of boaters find the right boat with his Boat Buyer's Toolkit and having nearly 1 Million views on his Boat Buyer's Secret Weapon YouTube Channel, Capt. Matt is now helping new and experienced boat buyers with insider information to ensure they find the right boat for years of happy boating.

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