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"Insider Secret Method to Savings Huge on Your Perfect Boat"
No one wants to over pay for their perfect boat, right?
You want to get the best possible deal you can, right?

Of course, over paying for anything is painful. And, over paying for your perfect boat is excruciating to say the least.


This 'Insider Technique' will save you hundreds, likely thousands and maybe even 10's of thousands of dollars when you buy your perfect boat. Without this information, you will certainly overpay.

And, because it's that time of year, we have decided to discount the one-time amount on this special program by over 64%.
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We've Created a Special Bonus That You'll Want to Get Your Hands On. It's Packed with 'Insider Information' Just for You and Finally Available Now. 
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"Guaranteed to Save You Hundreds, Likely $1,000's and Maybe Even $10's of Thousands of Dollars When Buying Your Next Boat"

Here's Everything You Get (Instant Access):

The Magic Money Saving Method Video Tutorial: 
This 16 minute tutorial video module walks you step by step thru the conversation with a dealer or private seller to guarantee you save ON TOP of normal discounts. This proven method will save you hundreds, likely thousands and maybe even $10's of thousands of dollars!

The Magic Money Saving Downloadable Savings Cheat Sheet: 
This is a one page planner to use when on the phone or in person at the critical stage where you can save the most money. It keeps you on track and is a 'cheat sheet' to ensure you get the 'BOTTOM DOLLAR' every time!


5 Insider Ways to Get Free Stuff When Buying from a Dealer: 
If you are buying a new or used boat from a boat dealers, these extra tips will give you the opportunity to save even more! The 'insider info' in this video module is not available anywhere else.

​2 Special Bonuses If You Haven't Found Your Perfect Boat Yet: 
These 2 additional tools (video modules & downloadable PDF) will expand on the FREE Toolkit and provide a roadmap for buying your perfect boat and avoiding those costly & frustrating mistakes first time and experienced boat buyers make.

​Boating Insider Call with Capt. Matt: 
You will be invited to join a monthly call hosted by Capt. Matt where he will personally answer your specific questions about your boat shopping process. The insights gained from this call could be priceless!

​Instant Access via a Member's Only Area: 
Because these video modules and tools are delivered online, you can access them anytime you want. You can also access via the easy mobile app so you can save money while on the go (or at the docks admiring your soon to be new boat!)

If You're Not 100% Ready to Buy Your Boat Yet...

We've Created a Special Bonus to Help You Thru the Process. This bonus is Packed with 'Insider Information' Just for You and Only Available Now.
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"Discover The Truth About Capt. Matt & Boat Buyer's Secret Weapon"

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Capt. Matt is so confident in what we've put together in this program, that he is putting his own reputation on the line with a 100% Iron-Clad Money Back Guarantee.
If for ANY reason you are not excited to use the Magic Money Saving Method. Don't find value in any of the bonuses or in anyway feel you didn't get your money's worth, just say the word and you've got your money back.

That's right, no questions. No hassle. No headaches.

Just send us an email and we'll give you a quick and friendly refund. Plus, we'll stay friends, no hard feelings at all.

We also want you to know that this is not some recurring charge kinda thing. No hidden membership. No funny business or shenanigans of any kind. Just a tiny one-time amount for a proven way for you to save money on your new or used boat from a dealer or private seller plus a bunch of valuable bonuses.

Again, just email, it's that simple. Because this has been proven by thousands of others, the only email you'll be sending us is of a picture of your new boat and the story of how all the videos, articles and resources helped you find the perfect boat & how much you saved!

We love getting those and look forward to yours!
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